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Cómo plantar liatris spicata

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Liatris spicata

The colour of the Liatris spicata, which blooms in midsummer and has its origin in North America, moves in the gentle spectrum between purple red and white. The dense blazing star is a magnet for butterfly’s it is extraordinarily rich in nectar. It is always a highlight with its slim, spicated blooms above grassy leafage, which are normally surrounded by a swarm of moths.

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Características de la Liatris spicata

Caracteristicas, cuidados y cultivo de la Liatris spicataEsta es una planta que puede tener una medida aproximada de entre los 60 centímetros y 1.5 metros de alto.

Tiene un tallo floral recto cubierto por unas hojas bastante finas, puntiagudas, delgadas y de un tono verde brillante. Sus flores se presentan en unas espigas largas que se encuentran en la última parte del tallo, llegando a tener un color púrpura, lila, rosa o incluso rojo.

El fruto de esta planta posee una forma parecida a una cápsula. Por otro lado, su época de floración ocurre en los meses de verano.

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Liatris Blazing Star Plant Video Growing Guide

The following Liatris spicata Blazing Star Plant Genus video provides fantastic advice on growing and caring for these beautiful garden plants.

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Liatris spicata Description

Grow Dense blazing star

Blazing Star is a fairly tall plant reaching about 36 to 48 inches (90–120 cm) in height. It has a spread of 10 to 20 inches (25–50 cm). It is upright and clump-forming. One or more stalks may arise from the tufted base. Smaller cultivars are available that reach heights of 18 to 24 inches (45–60 cm).

Leaves are linear and grass-like and can reach lengths of 12 inches (30 cm) at the base, getting smaller further up the stalk. The leaves are green from spring to autumn.

Liatris spicata has long-lasting blooms from summer to the start of fall / autumn. Purple flowers appear on terminal spikes and open from the top downwards.

Blazing star cultivar

White Blazing Star plant cultivar ‘Floristan Weiss’ by Gail Frederick.

The flower-heads are tightly set, and have a tufted, feather-like appearance: this give the plant one of its common names – Prairie gay feather.

How to Grow Liatris spicata

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¿Cómo cultivar la Liatris spicata?

Dicha planta es muy sencilla de cultivar y necesita de muchos riegos diariosLo principal, es escoger el sitio donde hay que colocar la planta o también el recipiente donde se quiere plantar, siendo este un lugar con luz de sol directa.

Se trabajará el suelo hasta que quede lo suficientemente suelto para poder estimular la perforación de las raíces. Después se preparará el hoyo, que tendrá unos 13 centímetros de anchura por unos seis de longitud y será donde se colocará el bulbo.

Si es para una planta, hay que hacer un hoyo que cuente con el doble de las medidas del recipiente en el que se encuentra.

Se colocarán los bulbos en el fondo de cada hoyo. Cuando es una planta, hay que colocarla en el interior del agujero conservando el nivel que existe en dicho tallo. Se rellenará con la cantidad de tierra necesaria y se aplastará un poco con las manos, para que las bolsitas de aire desaparezcan al igual que para asegurar un excelente unión de la tierra con las raíces.

Para la poda, lo recomendable es utilizar tijeras de yunque previamente limpias y afiladas correctamente para la cosecha de las flores; se retirarán todas las ramas de importancia para mantener un control en la forma de la planta así como el tamaño de la misma, aunque no es indispensable realizar una poda para que esta planta pueda florecer.

Cuando el clima de la zona en donde vives es el adecuado para su desarrollo y su floración, se puede agregar un tercer abono en los meses de otoño.

¿Sabes qué puedes plantar en invierno?

Descubre qué tipo de plantas puedes plantar y comprar en invierno y en cada estación del año

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The Gayfeather can be breeded with its seeds or with the segmentation.


Liatris spicata forms spherical or elongated rhizomes in the soil, making it highly suitable for propagation by segmentation. This should happen at best in the spring after the ground frost. Dig out the entire plant. With a sharp knife or a good sod, you can separate the rhizomes. Then, each half is dug at its new site and watered with a good sized swing of soft water. Experts recommend, by the way, splitting the Gayfeather every four or five years to keep vital the plant.

Liatris spicataLiatris spicata


Latris spicata forms small nuts after flowerings, which contain a lot of good seeds. Collect the seeds, and then you can multiply your Gayfeather with it. This works either as a direct sowing outdoors or as growing in the House. The seeds should be kept cool, dark and dry in the winter.

In the spring you prepare the soil outdoors, as described above under the passage “Plants in the bed”. However, the seeds must be covered only by a thin layer of substrate. Keep the soil loose and free of weeds until the seeds germinate.

For the cultivation in pot, proceed as follows:

  • fill small pots with low-nutrient potting compost
  • the seeds are inserted as a pair into the pots, in the seed tray with sufficient distance
  • pre-water with lime-free water and put over a transparent hood
  • cover thin with soil and sprinkle with some lukewarm water

Germination occurs quickly at a temperature of 18 ° C. It’s going to be faster in the growing vessel if the bowl is covered with foil or a glass. A mini greenhouse for the windowsill is ideal for the cultivation of Liatris spicata, because here a good, warm humid climate can develop. However it must be aired regularly to prevent mold growth. If two seedlings spread close to each other, the weaker one has to be removed.

Liatris spicata

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The Gayfeather is not prone to pests or diseases, but on the contrary very resistant. Only if the site is not well chosen, or the soil is unsuitable, Liatris spicata will have a rather sickly existence. A too shady location, for example, leads to a just brutish developed flower, too little sun, the plant may even shrink. This also applies to a too moist soil, nutrient poverty, waterlogging and too dry or tight soil.

A few flowers, withered, dry or discolored spots are a sign that it’s something wrong the plant. Mostly, it’s because that not enough minerals and nutrients are available to the Gayfeather. Waterlogging, however, leads to rotting, the plant is wilting, and getting greasy, it stains from top to bottom. A too wet held Gayfeather can be saved as long as the root balls still are not affected by the rotting.

All rotten parts must be carefully removed and the plant must be planted in dry, permeable substrate. Do not dispose the rotten parts please on the compost. Because there the in the process of decay involved fungi and bacteria would even find more food.

Liatris spicataLiatris spicata

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The dense Blazing Star can’t be impressed by any pests, it is resistant. But the plant almost magically attracts butterflies, bumble bees and bees with its magnificent flowers and these bring pollen.

If you suffer from hayfever or react allergic to the venom of bees and other stinging insects, Liatris spicata is maybe not the right plant for your garden. But the plant itself is non-toxic. You shouldn’t feed them anyways to Guinea pigs or rabbits, because large amounts of leaves can cause digestive problems.

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