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Cocoa vs, cacao en polvo

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With countless types of chocolate to choose from, there’s never just one or two to satisfy cravings. Cacao and cocoa, for instance, sound similar in name, however, they’re unique in taste, texture, nutrition and cost. If you’re unsure whether to buy cacao or cocoa, check out the qualities and differences of each below so you can make a well-crafted decision.

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What is the Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa?

The cocoa vs. cacao choice is confusing for many writers, so, in this article, I will discuss the important differences between these words.

I will include several example sentences that show how writers likely use both of these words. I’ll also include a mnemonic device that simplifies choosing cocoa or cacao.

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What is Cacao?

Cacao is a raw chocolate base that’s less processed than cacao powder or chocolate bars. Cacao is well-known for its high source of antioxidants, and its high amount of magnesium. For many years, cacao has been used for health remedies, and even in traded commodity.

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But Not All that Glitters is Cacao

Dark chocolate may look like cacao, but it's actually not.

Despite coming from the same plant, cacao and cocoa have numerous differences. Cacao is a pure form of chocolate that comes very close to the raw and natural state in which it is harvested (One Green Planet, n.d.). While the natural nature of cacao would seem to limit its versatility, the product actually comes in several forms.

When the cacao beans are released from their pods, they are sometimes blended into cacao butter. Cacao butter contains the fatty part of the cacao fruit and is white in color. The remainder of the fruit is used to make raw cacao powder. It is also possible to purchase cacao nibs, which are cacao beans that have been chopped into smaller pieces. These are similar to chocolate chips although much more intense in their chocolatey flavor.

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So, if it’s possible to process the seeds and still call it cacao then what change draws the distinction between this natural food and the more-common cacoa? The answer is simple: cocoa has been processed with high heat.

Cocoa refers to the powder that is commonly seen in American supermarkets and stirred into beverages. The process used to create cocoa entails applying high heat to raw cacao, which destroys some of the beneficial nutrients it contains. However, even after this process, cocoa still has several beneficial nutritional properties (One Green Planet, n.d.).

One concern to watch out for when seeking these benefits, however, is the way in which many manufacturers supplement their cocoa powder with added sugar, oil, or milk fat. Be sure to seek out cocoa products have little or no added ingredients.

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The Cacao Comeback

Due in part to a growing interest in the raw vegan food diet, cacao has returned to the food scene. Recently, manufacturers of raw vegan food products have adopted the more authentic spelling of the word in an attempt to distinguish their products from products which use roasted cacao beans, such as raw cacao powder vs. cocoa powder. But do be sure to read the ingredients carefully as the lines can sometimes blur between authenticity and trendy marketing.

Many recipes using cacao start with cacao nibs, the dried and fermented cacao beans that are ground up into pieces, or cacao powder. Candied cacao nibs are a tasty treat, combining the cacao with sugar, water, corn syrup, and butter, or you can use the cacao powder to make a smoothie, a chocolate shake, and a delicious chocolate bar.

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What is Cocoa?

Cocoa is a heated form of cacao that most people purchase at grocery stores for baking, such as cocoa powder. Though raw cacao is well-known for being healthier than cocoa, cocoa powder is actually healthy for you, without excess fats, sugars, calories, or oils. Cocoa powder is also much more affordable than raw cacao at the store.

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Difference in Processing

As I briefly mentioned above, there is a technical difference between these two terms from a food processing perspective. While both products come from the cacao plant and its seeds, cacao and cocoa products are made using a different processes.

  • Cacao powder is made by cold pressing non-roasted cacao beans.
  • Cocoa powder is raw cacao that has been roasted at high temperatures.

While the end product of each looks the same to the eye, the heat used in the cocoa-making process affects the cacao beans at the molecular level, removing some of its enzymes. What you have left is a sweeter product that is more commonly used in baking (cocoa).

Cacao retains more of the natural antioxidants of the beans themselves.

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Trick to Remember the Difference

cacao versus cocoaIt’s easy to remember cacao vs. cocoa because they refer to different things.

  • Cacao refers to the plant, its beans, or a product using non-roasted beans.
  • Cocoa is refers to products derived from roasted beans.

Since cocoa and roasted only have one A in them, you should be able to remember this easily.

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Is it cacao or cocoa? These terms are beginning to have some overlap, but in general, they have separate usage cases and cannot be substituted for each other.

  • Cacao is a type of evergreen tree native to South America.
    • Cacao products are made from non-roasted beans.
  • Cocoa is a drink made from the powdered beans of this tree, or several other products.
    • Cocoa products are made from roasted beans.

To conclude: South Americans (and Africans) grow cacao; people all over the world drink cocoa.

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